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minidiscWhat was it? A format offering the quality of a CD with the recordable functionality of a cassette.

First manufactured: Sony launched the MiniDisc in September 1992.

Heyday: They were popular in Japan, where CDs were more expensive, but were a bit of a flop elsewhere.

What went wrong? The MiniDisc was ultimately doomed by the rise of recordable CDs and MP3 players. MiniDisc machines were relatively expensive, and there weren’t many pre-recorded MiniDiscs to buy because none of the record labels bothered to make any.

Decline: The ‘next big thing’ was a dud – fewer than 50,000 sold in the first year.

The final straw: Strangely it took until 2011 for Sony to announce it was ceasing production of the MiniDisc player.

Reef, remember them?

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